A downloadable game for Windows

Desktop build for mobile game I made recently. This version works with touchscreen and keyboard alike.

Your task is to kick incoming projectiles to get points and stay in good shape. Receive 5 hits and you are rewarded with game over screen with your score and highest combo :).

I wanted to make desktop controls as minimalistic as possible so you have 4 buttons [WSAD] for 6 directions.
Middle kicks are A and D.
Upper kicks are W followed by side at which you want to kick [i.e. upper left is W,A combo].
Lower kicks works the same - S,A for lower left kick and S,D for lower right kick.

Touchscreen controls:
there is an in-game tutorial, follow it and you will be fine.

Fave fun :)

Install instructions

Download, unzip, launch .exe, select your desired resolution [if playing fullscreen select resolution of your display - otherwise graphics will be distorted and GUI hard to operate], play.


kickime_win.zip 13 MB

Also available on

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