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Being late for work is never a good thing.
Worse if you are late, you live in communist state and you missed your breakfast.
Go grab some spicy soup at nearby milk bar before next tram arrives - don't worry of taking someones soup, it belongs to all you comrades anyway :P.

How to play:

  • Invite someone to play this game with you - game requires at least 2 players.
  • Eat as many soups as you can before time runs out.
  • To eat you need spoon so pick up one first before approaching bowl with soup.
  • You can carry only one item at a time.
  • Spiced soup is better so add various 'spices' to the bowl before eating it. Of course if other players let you do that ;)

[customizable in Unity's launcher]

  • Esc - exit to menu, quit the game
  • Enter - start/restart game
  • Player 1 controls - move: WSAD, action: space/left ctrl, cancel: left shift
  • Player 2 controls - move: Arrow keys, action: Num0/right ctrl, cancel:right shift
  • Player 3 controls - PAD1, move: left analog, action/cancel: assign 2 buttons
  • Player 4 controls - PAD2, move: left analog, action/cancel: assign 2 buttons

* making your pad work with game can be tricky, it is rigged as it is, sorry :(
* to play game with 3-4 players press action button on your pad on character selection screen

This is short and simple game designed and created during Warsaw Film School Game Jam 2, 2017.
Possible bugs, glitches and crude UX ;).

Yayo Team :D

Install instructions

  1. unpack .zip
  2. run .exe
  3. Unity's launcher will pop up where you can set up custom controls and resolution
  4. have fun :)


MIS_Data.zip 16 MB