A downloadable game for Windows

Original game-jam release and full credits:

How to play:

  • destroying enemies gives points, being touched by enemies takes HP, no HP = game over ;).
  • enemies are invincible unless are hit with the wave of the same color as they are.
  • to generate wave shoot at the Monoliths [colored structures on the map] with the DubstepGun [kind of laser gun].
  • enemies hit with the wave are vulnerable and can be destroyed with the shotgun.


  • move with WSAD
  • aim with mouse
  • LMB to shoot
  • RMB to switch weapons

That's it, good luck :)

Install instructions

Unpack ZIP archive, run MonoWave.exe, launcher menu will show up where you can set custom controls and resolution


MonoWave_Data.zip 17 MB